Unofficial scratch extensions

Is there a way to use unofficial scratch extensions and plugins like the extension Cloudlink or the Gamepad plugin?

if not can something like that be made or replicated?

stuff like this can be very useful for things like bigger or more complex games, it could absolutely revolutionize the amount and complexity of projects made here, and many peop[le would come here to make "bigger" projects iu just know it. i myself am trying to make a full fan game called UnderGlitchRune which could not be made on scratch due to limitations. since I can't really do any actual coding anymore tried E羊icques which allowed extensions, use of extensions here like E羊icques does on top of the libraries and removal of limits kind of thwarts the thought that block coding cannot be used for big projects due to . . . limitations and lack of flexibility because with extensions we can increase the flexibility by a ton and at this point making the snap engine powerful enough for people to make games that can even compete with more popular games made on engines like unity and gamemaker studio 2.

my point is that i am asking if snap has custom extension support not only for those made specifically for snap but for scratch mods like E羊icques and turbowarp and if not can we have support for that please. we very much need this.

We do have an extension mechanism, and some extensions (not as many as Scratch). You can make your own that can be written in Snap! itself. If your extension has to change the implementation of Snap! you can only do it in your private copy of Snap!.

and how would i get my own copy of snap?

If you click on the Snap! logo in the top left corner of the Snap! window, one of the options is "download source" and it takes you to the Github repo.

To expand on what Brian said, there is almost always no need to make your own version of Snap! in order to add in extra facilities.

The only thing is that your projects will probably have to have JavaScript extensions enabled which means you can't have them autorun when they load.

But if your extension has great merit, then it can be submitted as an official extension and then your projects will run without JS having to be enabled

Also, just to note, requests for information on how to make mods of Snap! are frowned upon on the forum.

It's primarily a place to discuss the use of Snap!

Discussions on making extensions is fine but not how to mod the core code

Why don't you post this on "Help with Snap!" or "Advanced Topics - Mods and Extensions"?

Where are you getting this information?

From reading posts on the forum for past 2 years :slight_smile:

Which forum posts (exactly)?

No, that's not true. Modifying snap using the javascript block in vanilla snap, jens doesn't like. Making a mod of the snap source code, is ok, as long as you talk about it in #advanced-topics:extensions

But bh, I want to make a library, but it asks me to import a file when ever I chose library's on the downloaded version of snap

Two years ago.

I think you're confusing two meanings of "library." The "Libraries..." option in the File menu is about official libraries vetted by the developers. But more generally, "a library" is what you get when you use the "Export blocks..." option, namely, a collection of blocks that can be imported into projects.

Yes, but in the downloaded source of snap, pressing the "libraries..." option makes me have to select a file from my computer.

Oh. Yes, if you run a private version of Snap!, you have to have your own libraries and stuff. But if you have the complete repo, not just Snap! itself, it should find the libraries folder in the repo all by itself.

It is there

If just running snap.html from a folder, then you access the libraries folder as files

If you can setup your machine to act as a webserver, then they will open us in the same way as online Snap! does

Bit of an old article but might work for you to install a webserver

wish I cou,d, but it's school issued

"But if your extension has great merit, then it can be submitted as an official extension and then your projects will run without JS having to be enabled"

where and how? this answer greatly interests me.