Unliking posts

I've just realized that you can like posts but not unlike them.
I don't know if this is a bug, misfeature, or something else.

This is a feature in other Discourse forums.

I'm able to unlike them.

This has happened to me, I think that after an hour that's when I am unable to unlike posts. I just liked a post for experiment and then un-liked it after a few seconds, with no problems. Which is strange because this has happened to me, and I am wondering why I can unlike posts now.

I'm gonna test it out

I figured out that you have the ability of removing your likes from a post by an anonymous user but not logged in users.

But I can't unlike https://forum.snap.berkeley.edu/t/this-is-a-test/3186 by an anonymous user

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Huh, same here, strange how it lets you unlike after a few seconds but then when you get off the page and get back onto the page to unlike, you can't unlike.

I can. It seems that you may need to double-click the like button.
Edit: I tested and found you could unlike anyone's post without double-clicking.

It doesn't work for me.

Bump. This is important and no snap developer has posted here yet


I can unlike posts, but I am not sure why it re-appeared...we tried to keep this disabled in general. Anyway, weird forum bugs are not something we're going to prioritize fixing.

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