Universal Operator

For those of us who can't be bothered to right-click and select relabel :slight_smile:

untitled script pic (92)
untitled script pic (93)
untitled script pic (94)
untitled script pic (95)
untitled script pic (96)

untitled script pic 81
untitled script pic 82
untitled script pic 80

Now these are universal operators in Snap!

putting in extra zeros seems like more work than pressing relable to me...
but you should do whatever makes programming easier for you, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What would be cool is a block that has a button on it, and every time you click the button, it turns into a different operator.

Something like this, perhaps?

Programming tools DEVLAB script pic 9

Programming tools DEVLAB script pic 10

(all of the above is nonsensical, of course)

edit: ok, I get it now,
I was talking about something more like this:
untitled script pic (7)
then when you click the yellow button it turns into this:
untitled script pic (8)
and it would cycle through all of them.
(of course, this is impossible in Snap!)

The best thing to do would just have a dropdown menu in place of the operator sign.

I'm surprised I didn't think about that! it would probably work pretty well!

here it is!
untitled script pic (9)

BTW I tried to have my code (post #4) report: “untitled script pic 85 = 1”, but I couldn’t find out how.

untitled script pic 86 yields untitled script pic 85,
but another JOIN to append “ = 1” (1 being the calculated result of the operation), results in:

Does anyone know if / how this can be fixed?

You can't join a block with a string. The only solution I can think of is by using images, get the image of the block, then add text on the right side of the image. Or just get the text of the block instead.