Unit 2 Lab 4 help

I have to make a divisors block in which the block lists all the divisors of a number input using the keep block. my block keeps reporting back a blank list. This is what I have done so far:U2L4-Brodbar script pic

Your IS _ DIVISIBLE BY _ block takes two numbers as input, right?

NUMBERS FROM reports a list, so you shouldn't be using it that way.

How does KEEP work? It takes a predicate function (such as IS DIVISIBLE BY) as one input and a list as the other input.

You want all the numbers between 1 and NUM that NUM is divisible by. So start over again, and figure out how to give KEEP inputs that'll do what you want.

He is expecting his block to be hyper :slight_smile:
@wyatt.brodbar Scalar->hyper in the APL library please :smiley:

Maybe, but he shouldn't be, because he's a BJC student, and the curriculum predates hyperblocks.

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