Undo/redo feature is buggy

Many undos later:
( and a lot of redos to show my point )

What is going on and where did the list input in the map over block go?!
Is the undo/redo feature buggy or something?

Yes - its bit buggy - best not to rely on it

It's better if you think of the feature as "undrop" rather than "undo." That is, what it remembers is when you drag a block someplace and then let go of it. There are other actions you could take that it can't undo.

A more general undo is on our list, but it's a major project and requires some design decisions. For example, you drag a block into a script while some scripts are active. Then you click undo. Do we try to undo what your program has done meanwhile? All the sprites? Maybe not. Maybe it depends on whether the script you modified was active at the time. I'm not sure. But suppose instead of dragging a block into a script you click the green flag, then click undo. Then it seems like undoing the program's actions probably is what the user wants.

So yeah, we know we should improve undo, but don't hold your breath.

This might wanna be an FAQ.

I agree


Well there is no undo feature as others have said

Redrop takes the last blocks you picked up and places them at the position you right clicked, it’s not ment to be a full undo function, just a way to get block stacks back if you accidentally delete them

But a full undo feature would be nice, this isn’t ment to be that exactly
Think of it like a cut and paste function for blocks that where recently moved