Undefined blocks

Whenever I open up my project in Snap, on certain devices, I always see these undefined blocks for the if and when. This hasn't happened before and I'm not sure what to do.

Can you show a screen shot?


Have you tried anything to fix it yet?

No. I'm not sure what I should do

Well, what is the undefined block supposed to be? This might give be an idea for a solution.

This is your custom block, right?

It's not a custom block. The undefined block is meant to be a variable set equal to a list

Here's what the block should look like

I mean, was the script made by you?


Oh, I thought it was a custom block, sorry about that.

Let me see if I can come up with a solution.

Okay thank you.

No problem!

Let me ask you one more question.
The list is a pre-created/global variable (meaning not a script variable/primitive variable, or a "this sprite only" variable used in another sprite), right?
That might be the issue.

It's a global variable

Well, I've just tested it in the editor and it works fine for me. I don't have any other guesses on the issue, but I'm hoping you get help or I can figure it out.

Try hard reload/force refresh the browser to load the newest version of :snap:
Some built-in operator blocks become variadic and the older :snap: can't handle this.

Actually, do you remember what happened before this issue occurred?
Or did it just happen out of nowhere?

Before this issue everything was working just fine. This issue happened randomly. I was just opening up my project and then it just showed all my conditionals as undefined

In that case, try what dardoro said.
If it works, you can click the "solution" button on their reply.