Uiua Language

Just came across this - thought it looks a bit like APL but maybe a bit simpler

It's very much like APL; it even says so in their description of the language. I don't know why you say simpler; it has 2 or 3 times as many primitive operations, it looks like. It's stack-based, like an HP calculator or like Postscript. Maybe that's the simplification you're seeing?

Anyway, looks interesting, thanks for sharing it.


it’s very interesting to say the least

While uiua surely offers conciseness, simple syntax, and probably fast execution, I suppose it's also quite intimidating for non-geeks. Like APL, Forth (and LISP , and C) - just to name a few well-known older languages with a cult following. And it's zero-based :smirk:

I can't even

If that's short for something like: "I can't even begin to [list the arguments why LISP is not a language for geeks]" ...

LISP was a revolutionary and extremely influential language, but though very well thought out, it also produces programs that are arcane and therefore intimidating to the non-initiated. Isn't that why Snap! was developed: to introduce students to advanced programming concepts in a non-intimidating way?

Yes. But really the only difference between functional Snap! programs and Lisp programs is that the space between matching parentheses has its background colored. That doesn't really simplify, e.g., recursion. It's kind of a bait-and-switch technique: we promise them Scratch and give them Lisp. (Of course Scratch itself promises them Lego and gives them Smalltalk.)

My point exactly. However, IMO you’re too modest about Snap!: it’s not just Lisp (Scheme), but also important elements from Smalltalk and APL, Logo and Scratch - and all of that in an accessible package.

Thank you. Yes, I'm pretty proud of how we've accumulated programming paradigms in Snap!, although the grownup languages have been doing that too, lately. "Multiparadigm" is the latest thing.

But in terms of syntax, the point I think I was making is that Snap! is effectively fully parenthesized, like Lisp -- in fact, the thing that people complain about in Lisp. But people don't notice that about Snap! because they construct expressions by drag-and-drop rather than by explicitly typing four close parens in a row. :~)))) [guy smiling with a beard and a double chin, or with a really long beard]