Uhh... What does this mean?


Sounds to me like a zero-width or -height costume. Did you use

instead of


No, this is (almost) fresh from Snapinator but I don't think it's a problem with that. But I think I do have a 0 width/height costume.

Edit: It was in a custom WRITE block I was going to deprecate because Snap! has a write block as a primitive.

Well that's your answer. Scratch allows 0 width and height costumes, so snapinator just put the image into the snap xml, which made snap run into that error.

Hmm I wonder why they do and we don't. If you think of a costume as a matrix, I don't think there are zero-width matrices, but presumably our rule predates media computation.

I'm not sure why they allow 0×0 costumes, but they are helpful for zooming larger than the size of the stage.

How? I'm missing something.

Scratch doesn't let you make sprites bigger than the stage. it clamps the size.
Tiny costumes are used as an exploit to get around this.

  • Switch to tiny costume
  • Set size to absurdly big number
  • Switch back to the costume we were on before the tiny one
  • Absurdly huge Scratch Cat

Scratch doesn't allow sprites to be larger than the size of the stage. However, a 0×0 costume will never take up any space, regardless of the sprite's size. Scratch doesn't enforce the size limit when switching costumes, so a popular loop hole is to switch to a 0×0 costume, set the size to what you want, then switch back to the original one.

EDIT: I've been Ninja'd!

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