TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'children')

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a new project.

  2. Create a new turtle sprite.

  3. In Sprite, add:
    untitled script pic (13)

  4. In Sprite(2), add:

  5. Press green flag.

  6. Drag the parent (you might have to drag the clone first).

  7. :x: The error "TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'children')" appears.

With my iPad Pro-2 it says: “Null is not an object”. Only once, I think.

The turtle isn't a costume, it's a morphic object, of course you're gonna get an error

You could probably use [scratchblocks] (map (ask [ v] for ((my [costume v]::sensing)@addInput::grey ring) @addInput ::control) over (ask [Sprite v] for ((my [clones v]::sensing)@addInput::grey ring)::control)::list)[/scratchblocks]

i have never heard the term "morphic object" and i don't think that's used anywhere in snap or the snap documentation. how is this supposed to be obvious?

I deleted everything in dev mode and created a "pen" through a context menu, and it appears as a turtle.
Screenshot 2024-04-11 16.41.30
(the context menu is in "demo")

Oh sorry, Morphic morph.
Also, Snap! isn't Morphic, it's just made with it, thats why it's not in the Snap! documentation. Also, Jens doesn't really like discussion related to Morphic here

i'm not sure why you think i would have ever heard the term "morphic morph" either. it's not possible to get the width of a turtle because it's a "morphic morph", and costumes aren't? where would you even get this information and how is it supposed to be obvious?

Morphs are objects in the Morphic.js library. Costumes are images that morphs can wear.