Tutorials about lists, items, clones


Do you know some good tutorials (video, pdf, etc) about lists, items, clones (specially clones) variables and so on?

By the way, if you want to start learning snap from zero, would you advise to check Scratch tutorials first?


Jens's videos are here:

I didn't see one specifically about lists, but a lot of them use lists in service of some media thing. Clones are in there too.

About "from zero": Yes, starting with Scratch tutorials is a good idea. We tend to assume everyone is an experienced Scratcher, which is getting more and more true as governments want computer science every year starting age 5.

I will check that link. Thanks!

You may want to check out the PDFs by Jens, linked from the GitHub Snap! releases history pages.

See the (Feb 24th, 2016) release where a PDF about tables is available for download, and three months later (May 2nd, 2016) there was another PDF about first class sprites, too.

Great! Thanks!