Tutorial by Jens

The tutorial, seen on his Facebook page, is too good not to be shared on the forum. (I have been, and still am, soooo impressed)

  1. The input data is the pitch and duration of musical notes.

  2. They are put (via the split ({ }) by 'block' block; { } being the gray ring he dragged into the block, while blocks-as-data portion was excluded from the list by the "map ( { all but first of __ } ) over" so the input data remained only) into a new list created by the blockify (a right-mouse click option) applied to the result bubble.

  3. which is then used in a loop; and furthermore,

  4. all the musical notes pitch is (via the hyperized sum block inside the loop) raised, as if in a sound equalizer.


I hope Jens does not feel as if he is being stalked, at least not in a non-good way.

He said that because people were complaining about the dev version, not yet released, still being worked on! I don't think he'll mind you talking about something he's published.

Thank you; good to know I will not come across as stalking Jens.