Turn Snap into HTML/JS

There was a web site that allowed you to convert Snap project to HTML/JS. Does anyone know where that site is?

I'm trying to turn Snap into installable apk for Android. There is plenty of services that can turn HTMl/JS/CSS into apk.

Not a site, but you should probably use codification support

However, it will still be hard to do what you want to do. Snap! is not really meant for this

Edit: Yeah no I think there is an offline version of Snap! (not sure though). Sorry, but codification was not meant for large scale, you would have to build the file.

I think you're thinking of Snapp!. I don't think it made web pages, though; it made native apps for different systems. In any case it's a little behind version 8.

Snap IS a SPA (single page application) already.
There is a "snap.html" page with JS embedded.
There is also a ServiceWorker to cache all files for offline mode.
It should be "installable" as a PWA with "Add to home screen".

Snapp! Can be found at the bottom of the community site under “tools”, but it’s very old, so it won’t work for modern Snap! projects

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