Turn scripts to JSON

i want to turn a script inside a list a JSON. But when i try to convert it, it just errors saying that i can't convert the list into JSON. Is there any way to convert it?

Also i tried using the Block to Text custom blocks by a user. but when i place more than 2 blocks on an action block, it just doesn't convert...

Can anyone help me?

show us the list content plz.

There is the script inside the 2nd table view. when i try to put the list into the JSON converter, it just errors.

yeah, you can't save a block in json format. There is another way of course, by using a reverse codification project (just search it on the forum). They can help to convert blocks to and from json.

Oh, sorry. I forgot to tell you that the block-to-text customs blocks I was talking about were the reverse codification blocks... it doesn't work when 2 or more blocks are inside a command block


ill also be trying @joecooldoo's codification version (edit: it's more crappier now. i can't place a command block)

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