Turn off speech bubble visual stepping

I want to debug a program.But that program had a variable that contains a huge ring.Visual stepping brings this ring up and its annoying.
How can I turn off speech bubble stepping?



No there isn't a way.

Oh ok.:frowning:

Huh, I would expect there to be an option in the shift+click options menu...

Nope, not there either. But you're right that that's a good thing to remember about...

We only show the result bubbles for scripts that you start by directly clicking on them. If you don't want to see them just trigger them with a broadcast or a hat block.

Aha! Thanks.

No, wait, does that mean that bodies of custom blocks called in a script that you click on don't have bubbles?

They do!, but only for the one process that calls them that was started by a click. If several processes call the same custom block definition (in parallel) bubbles are only shown for the one process that was started by a user click on the block. Clicking on a script in visible stepping mode turns on result bubbles.

This is a big co-incidence :slight_smile:

I'm currently trying to work out when and why the stepping debugger reports values

It seems to me that primitive blocks work as expected - e.g. each parameter in a block is evaluated and reported and then the total block is reported

Which is great :slight_smile:

But custom reporters don't seem to follow this - best I can describe it as is that the first parameter is reported and then it just moves on

But I could just be getting confused but it doesn't seem to be consistent at the moment


aah - the result speech bubble of my custom reporter wasn't being shown next to the reporter - it is being shown at the top of the script!

Good news that it's being shown

Bad news is that it's not where you'd expect it to be :slight_smile:

it's shown at the script that's triggered the custom block. Because custom block definitions are not "physically" present anywhere, the definition doesn't "know" which "physical" block is invoking it.

aah - ok - I'll try it out some more :slight_smile:

I think it's a feature that going to need it's own little tutorial :slight_smile:

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