Tunescope reference?

Is there some kind of reference for Tunescope? Because many of the blocks fail silently and others don't give helpful error messages
Specifically, why doesn't this work? (I don't hear anything; is it a problem with the code or an audio problem?)
(trying different drums and patterns didn't work)

also, what is this block?

i can't find it

it seems like the track format has changed a lot since people last wrote documentation for tunescope, and i can't seem to figure out how the new way works...
sorry for the 3rd post in this thread


@programmer_user Can you provide a link to the Snap! program? We can take a look at it tomorrow to identify the issue and follow up with you.

We are in the process of updating the TuneScope reference to reflect some corrections & updates to the music blocks. The should be completed in a couple of days, and we would be happy to share a link when that is done.

The example that you shared appeared to be from the standalone version of TuneScope. The TuneScope music blocks were incorporated into Snap! 8 as a music library.


The Loop blocks play for the length of time that another track such as a melody track, is playing. Therefore, if there isn't any other track, the loop track has a length of zero. Here's a link to a project that has a drum track and a melody track.

We should have a draft of the reference manual updated by the end of the day. We will post a link in this strand when it is available so that if you find any errors or problems, we can correct them. :slight_smile:

P.S. Your examples have blocks from the old standalone version of TuneScope. After user testing, these obsolete blocks were replaced with updated blocks. The new updated blocks are in the project link that we shared!

So is the standalone version obsolete now?

When everyone is back from their summer internships next week, we'll meet to decide where we want to focus our efforts in the fall. The likely outcome of that discussion is that we will attempt to support the version that has been incorporated into Snap! 8, rather than attempt to maintain two parallel versions. We'll post an update with projected plans after that conversation.

Here's a link to the initial draft of the TuneScope reference for Snap! 8:

Let us know if you have questions or find any mistakes. (Thanks!)

Another question: will the scope thing still be available as a block
The reference looks good

There is a stand-alone version of the scope:

We believe that we can replicate much of its functionality on the Snap! stage. The original version in the link above makes use of JavaScript. We believe that recreating this functionality in Snap! through blocks will be useful because it will enable users to customize the visualization tools to meet their needs.

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