TuneScope Music Blocks - Quick Start

We're working on developing a quick start guide to the TuneScope music blocks that were made available in Snap! 8.0. (As a caveat, I should mention that we have already identified a few glitches that are scheduled to be corrected in early fall.) We developed a short video, available here:

We also developed an accompanying document, available here:

Draft TuneScope Quick Start

If anyone has time to try this, we would welcome feedback on ways to make the introduction more user friendly and understandable. (Thanks!)

huh, this is weird. Markdown counts 1 empty line, and 4 leading spaces as a code block.

this is weird

    this is weird

I'd suggest not using leading spaces when posting links.

I never knew about this before now

It's great having documentation for TuneScope, since it's really not self-explanitory, or at least not tracks.

(and no, I don't count help menus as self-explanitory)

Thanks for spotting the problem with the links. Removing the leading spaces resolved the issue.

We agree that the music tracks are not self-explanatory. This format evolved over four years; since there are lots of different formats that could be used, an explanation is required. However, we would like to reduce the overhead to get started to a minimum.