Trying to open the costumes menu makes the browser freeze

when I click on file then costumes it opens the menu but all the sprites are displayed as a turtle and it freezes the browser

I have no idea why this happens, maybe all the costumes are stored on a blocked site? Maybe it’s because they are all loaded at once and that is too much data?
It could maybe be fixed by having the costumes load from top to bottom instead of all at once, or by hosting the costumes on the website itself.

I’m using safari, and my school issued I pad (9th generation)

For the fist time ever in my entire time using snap, it loaded partially, it still crashed through

I tried to use chrome and the same thing happens

I updated my i pad and nothing seems to have changed

They can be slow to load for me but always load eventually (Win11/Chrome)

Well if it does load still, it should definitely still be fixed so that they load from top to bottom so it doesn’t freeze for 10 mins

I’ll try to get it on a load where it shows some of the costumes, strangely enough the only costumes it loads are the ones I showed, it never loads other ones

Maybe it’s getting stuck on a specific costume?

Backgrounds do load
Everything but the sprite library loads, I’m sure it’s just taking a while, it should be able to be fixed

I’m gonna try and maximize the processing of it

I let it load for like 5 minutes and it just went went white and gave me a crash message

I wonder if you are running out of memory on your IPad?

I've just tried it on my IPad with chrome and it worked (took about 20 secs to load them all)

The costumes are indeed stored on the snap website itself. And just to clear things up, any browser on ios uses the safari engine, even if you're using chrome. This is just apple being apple, so there isn't much you can do.

As for the costumes loading slowly, that could just be your internet being slow, because when I try it with my ipad pro (10.5 inch) on ios 15.3.1, the costumes load just fine.

It’s not my internet connection, I have 100+ mbs internet for download and upload

I think it’s just trying to load too many images at once and gets overloaded

They should make it so it only shows the first few images, and then a Load More button.

Or dynamic loading where it only loads the images on screen.

yeah, that would be even better.

Yea that would probably be the best solution

Either way this kinda needs to be fixed as this most likely applies to all lower end hardware, and most school computers/tablets are low end

Yeah, we know about this, and want to fix it. It'll happen eventually.