Trying to join session but not authorised

Clicking on join event now is giving this error

Is it just me or are others having same problem?

same problem here.

Same problem here.

The same problem
@cycomachead , @bh

same here

Same problem for me.

If anyone gets in - please let us know here :slight_smile:

specific message is:

"You are not authorized to access this page."

Change in behaviour - blank screen now

Now back to original version

Still has original behavior for me.
EDIT: nvm I just missed the temporary change.

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Neither can anyone else. Does it look like the image in the OP?

I was able to get in by clicking on the links at the bottom of the Day 1 email. See if these work:

Works for me, room 4

Looking good

Any room, depending on which workshop you go to. It says which one on the schedule.

I'm in room 2

is anyone still unable to get in? I just kept trying and it eventually worked