Try to enter editor after turning on JS and pressing the green flag

Name says it. Turn on JS and hit the flag! Snap! 6.9.0 Build Your Own Blocks

On my browser, it opens the site once, then when I go back pop-ups are blocked.
Edit: Apparently every time I click it opens the site again, but you can just press escape to stop the script

Click the not allow or block or whatever it says that isn’t allowing it to open. The point is it’s an infinite message not allowing you to access the editor of that project once it has started. It’s supposed to be an error page.


I mean

Read the comment, it works on Apple iPads. Does not work on PC.

it only open 1 404 tab and does not do anything until i go back

Two things about the JavaScript function in the Open URL block:
The parameter Open is not used.
The URL variable can be passed to the body of the function (maybe with that Open parameter).

Guys this is not about the error page it is there on purpose! This may only work on Mac OS Apple iPad/Handheld Touchscreen Devices!

On chrome:Right click the tab to close it