Trouble with my tanks game

I have a weird problem with the shooting function in my game that I'm developing.
In my program, clicking fires the bullets. the problem is that it is making more bullets than the number of times I clicked.
I clicked three times and it somehow made 13 clones of the bullet sprite.
And when I click 10 times...
image :exclamation::question:
I did everything I could to fix it, and voilà!... Nothing worked.
The problem has to be in one of the following three scripts. This one is in the gun sprite:
The other two are in the bullet sprite:
If not in the above scripts, it's a bug.
Here's the link to the project:

Clones receive broadcasts. You need to make a check for if the current sprite is a clone or not before creating a clone.

make sure the clones aren't cloning themselves.

Ah. That would do it. Thanks!

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