Tree Selection [Inspired by another topic]

Inspired by loucheman's Tree evolution topic.

Tree evolution, powered by artificial selection, thus the name 'Tree Selection':

Notes, copied from the project:

genes = best genes selected
mute = temporary mutated genes

== GENES ==
1 - branch lengths for each depth.
2 - Angles at which branches split apart for each depth.
3 - Branch divisors for each depth, what the previous branch length is divided by to get the next branch's length.
4 - Branch thicknesses for each depth.
5 - Branch colors for each depth.

Evolve the tree as you wish, saving genes you like and discarding bad ones.

I may add more genes in the future, like color, and perhaps individual genes for different branching paths. If you have any comments please do make them :3

i made a weird bush thing

peak evolution, truly /j
Its easy to let it grow out of control x3, i might make this into a game...

Wow, how long did it take to get there?

1.5324234 minutes

Why so specific?


This is a great idea, something I would never have thought to build.

I agree, though, that it'd be much more interesting if there could be mutations of the number of branches and their height up the trunk.

It's been done! I just finished adding some more variation, so now there are practically infinite possibilities, from color to thickness, angles, etc... it's all per-depth now.

Check it out! This is a possible starting tree: