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Not sure if this is the right category, ..

I noticed that on the new website there are translations available and some information is available in several languages, but not all. (E.g. the Extensions-Site is English-only)
Also Images aren't available in e.g. German versions.

Since I am teaching at a German school, I consider it important for my younger students to be able to use Snap*!* fully in the German language. Now there are still quite a view e.g. buttons not translated on both the website and the programming environment/ide.
E.g. on the website: "My Projects" instead of "Meine Projekte"
E.g. in the IDE: Buttons "Unshare" instead of "Freigabe aufheben"; the fields in the sign-up dialog.

I would offer to do some translation into German, if not some words/sentences are hard-coded into the site/ide

Also are there plans to flag projects with a certain language, so that e.g. German users could filter the published projects (at least for language sensitive projects). Maybe even set their language skills in their profile?

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Hi, those are all great ideas! We'll make it possible, maybe not tomorrow but reasonably soon. (We're about to announce translatable help screens for the primitive blocks.)

Hi, @geberts.

The website is already translatable, but I'm not very proud of the way it currently works.

I will write to you (here) with instructions and a link to the localization file soon.

Thanks for your interest and help! :slight_smile:

In what languages will it be translated if it is to be translated?

Hi! It will be translated into whatever languages someone who speaks that language volunteers to translate. :~) Are you volunteering?

I am volunteering. Italian, of course.

I apologize for necroposting but I had started translating the website before reading this topic based on other languages' strings. Are they all available to translate somewhere in one single file?

This is a question for @bromagosa...

Well, they're here, but they're a bit obsolete:

I believe the Catalan one should be the one most up to date.

My TODO list is long, and making the site easier to translate is somewhere in there. You can go ahead and use this file for now, and I promise your translation won't be steamrolled if I ever get to have time to make the system better.

Great! Thank you!

I had lost your reply. So, is the Catalan file the one I should take into consideration?

Here you are the Italian translation (this between parentheses is a useless addition to avoid notification of "body too similar to previous post")

Thank you, @s_federici! I'll include it right now :slight_smile:

As you'll see, there are several missing strings, and I really need to rethink the localization engine when time allows!

Excellent Bernat! It already works!

I noticed that Italian accented chars are not rendered as they should. For example the "è" is replaced by a question mark. Is there a way to make those chars correctly appear in the website? Should I escape them or else?

Ouch! That must be because of the file encoding! Let me check...

That was it. The file was in iso-8859-1 encoding and should have been in utf-8. It's fixed now :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your translation!!!

:+1: Thanks a lot!

Hi there!
I don't know if I should post here but I think I can help with a translation in French which is a language that is quite important to me, I am French. I'm also a Scratch user and I don't know how I can help translating. I saw that you have an organization on the Transifex site, a site for translate, but I think it is inactive...

Merci et bienvenu à Snap!.

Read this file: (9.1 KB)
The first part is about adding code to Snap! itself, but toward the end is the part about translating. It will tell you what to do. By all means, if something isn't clear, ask about it here.

There is an existing French translation file, but it needs work. Some of the more recent blocks don't have translations at all, and I think a few of the existing ones are wrong. In particular, the orange block CHANGE (var) BY (number) is translated into AJOUTER À (var) (number), which is the same as the translation of the red block ADD (value) TO (list). The red one is clearly correct, but I think CHANGE BY should be AUGMENTER (var) PAR (number), right?

We are almost ready to solicit translations for the help messages that you get from the "Aide..." menu option. Stay tuned for that.

If you want to take on the much larger project of translating the site into French, drop an email to and @bromagosa will work out the details with you.

Thanks again for your interest in helping!

I've revisited the programming universe at greater length and there are no mistakes, except maybe one or two to review... but there are some blocks that are not translated, I'll see if I can try to help you with that but I think that translating the most important pages of the site is important because it's what the visitor sees first and I see what I saw first.
When it's in the language you speak it makes you want to go programming on Snap and get interested in it so I think I'll do what you said last to try to help with the translation of the site.
Nice day!