Hello Bernat,

Just a question re usage of the translation files:

I've spent a lot of time cleaning up the TR translations for the SNAP4 and SNAP5 versions.
S4A is based on SNAP4, if I am not wrong.

Is there any way to inject that translation file so the weirdness and missing strings that exists in TR language translations will be remedied? I can easily go over the final result and remedy the ARDUINO additions.

If not, please advise and I will edit the TR file correctly.

Thanks, Turgut

Hi Turgut,

Joan (@jguille2) is working on the last changes for a new Snap4Arduino release. It will be based on Snap 5.0, so it'll include all of your changes too :slight_smile:

Hi Turgut,

after your translation contributions to Snap5 we decided to add some more blocks that formerly used to be in the tools library. It you ever get around to checking them out it would be wonderful to also add translations for them. Those are the new blocks in the variables category (MAP, KEEP, FIND and COMBINE) and in control (FOR).
No rush, we can and will always add translation updates after the initial Snap5 release...