What would cause the entire SOUND category of commands to NOT show in the translated version?

I verified with JSLintfor syntax - no errors.
Eliminated spurious SPACES.
Lineup matches the German version, which displays correctly.

When I go to another language, which displays correctly, and then switch to mine, I get the error:


Just in case others encounter the same problem:

The % sign used as a percent cannot be the first symbol in the translation sequence:

'set volume to %n %':
        'ses seviyesini %n % yap',

In Turkish, normally the % sign is placed before the %n value ( as in %45 meaning 45 percent) . This caused the problem of the entire category of sound to not display; and potentially also the other "load failed" error.

I would call that a bug.

can't confirm this. Using a percent sign as the very first character in a translated block spec works without any hiccups for me. Just remember that a percent sign immediately followed by another character means an input. So, if you just want a percent sign, make sure to let it be followed by space (or by nothing else).