Trainers' Thursday Physical Snap!ing

Hey, Snap!ers,

@jens and I are giving a Snap! workshop at the next Trainers' Thursday on July 15th, 4-6 CEST.

We'll share some ideas on how to use Snap! in physics lessons and explore interesting physical computing projects that can be done without microcontrollers.

If you're interested, feel free to register here: Registration | Trainer's Thursday - July

Looking forward to seeing you there,
it's going to be fun :slight_smile:


He recibido su amable invitación.
He de admitir que no esto entrenada con los nuevos medios

What did he say @otherguys?

Just use




why couldn't you just have used it yourself

Hi Jagda,

Is there a recording of it available ?
Could not attend it yesterday.


It's blocked in China.

Hi Turgut,

You'll find it here: SAP