Trainer's Thursday on MicroBlocks

Hey, everyone!

This is not exactly about Snap! but there's a workshop on MicroBlocks, a live programming environment for physical computing, this Thursday:

You want to extend your teaching or workshop offerings with transferring code from the virtual into the physical world? In our next SAP Young Thinkers Trainer´s Thursday Session “Making Sense of Sensors“ on September 16th 4 – 6 pm CEST our experts John Maloney and Kathy Giori will show you how to explore the sensors built into different microcontrollers, e.g. the micro:bit, Calliope mini, or Circuit Playground Express by using the live and visual programming language MicroBlocks. Join the session in September to learn how to graph and record sensor data, and how to use sensors to create playful, interactive art and music projects with MicroBlocks. You can join the session without a microcontroller, but to enjoy the full experience you will need a supported microcontroller.

You can find here the registration and further information for the session.

You know other trainers, teachers or peers, who might be interested? Feel free to share the offering.

Looking forward to seeing you there, I'm expecting a lot of fun :slight_smile:


Sorry to have missed this. Haven't been at the forum for a while. see you on Twitter.

it has most likely past.

You don't support the Arduino UNO?
Oh come on, if you can support the Arduino DUE you can support the Arduino UNO.
Welp, All I have is an Arduino UNO so I can't use this.

The Uno (and all the ATMega328 chip based boards) is much slower and has very little memory compared to more modern chips like the one used in the Due

So its not powerful enough to run Microblocks on it unfortunately is the system to use for a Uno


Snap4Arduino requires that you have StandardFirmata installed in your board.

I don't want to install stuff on my board.

mm- well we could have a long discussion on the phrase what does "install stuff" mean :slight_smile:

You have to have something running on the Arduino to understand how to deal with message from a block programming language and Firmata is considered the minimalist solution and has been around since the early days of Arduino

I run minimal MQTT clients on Arduino type hardware but conceptually it's just the same as running Firmata

There are Arduino block programming solutions that basically let you compile C++ code from the blocks and just run that natively on an Arduino

I think is one of them but its been a long time since I tried solutions like this out

Hey, Ed!

No problem, you can watch all previous Trainer's Thursdays here: