Train Simulator

This is one of my first projects. Ever.
It was posted in November 2020.

I had forgotten about this project until I went back to my Snap! account to find an old project to help someone.

(Sorry if this is a repost.)

cool bro

what happen

lol my train


And I realized that I had bad grammar back then.

So is there a way to win?

No. It's only a simulator with no objectives. (Also I'll be leaving Snap! soon so...please don't message me as much.)

I messaged you once but ok

Don't you mean "Has bad grammer back then."?

I'll go now.

nooooooo whyyyyyy??
First, @oscar_robinson leaves, then you, and now @oofpaste249 is moving on sunday

They meant for the day something like that I'm sure

i doubt it

Hi. I'm back. :slight_smile:

im so glad ur back duuud OMGGG.

thanks! :slight_smile: