Tracking code to users

Hi, as a teacher, I wanted to see if there is anyway there could be a "watermark" somewhere in the program code and/or XML file when exported to help track it back to students. Either in plaintext or encoded somehow where we can go and decode it quickly. Students are sharing and copying each other's code but that's something we want to stop for assessments. Though this doesn't stop students from just redoing the code by dragging it in themselves, it may create a barrier to stop students from blatantly copying. Maybe put the username/computer name/network id/any unique id in the program code somewhere.

For a very different reason, we do want to keep track of the "remix" history of a project, so when it's shared publicly it'll say "this is so-and-so's remix of so-and-so-else's remix of and-another's original project," because we want to encourage the right balance between open-handed giving and credit where due.

We weren't thinking of encoding it in the project code, though; it'd be in the database with other project metadata.

We're going to implement a suite of features for classes before the fall, and one of them should be to make the remix history available to the teacher when a student submits an assignment.

Is your problem about copying on term projects, where you'd expect every project to be unique, or are you concerned about daily lab work, with the same assignment for everyone? Because one thing we like to do is try to convince teachers not to grade daily lab work, but instead to take the position that the lab work is to learn from, not to prove what you already know, and so it doesn't make sense for a student to copy without understanding and it equally doesn't make sense to attach a grade to the activity.