Tower defense - beta

Here's my new project ! A little bit laggy but very fun.

Tower defense (link)

Upgrade your tower to defeat enemies
Killing enemies give you money and coins

You can spend money during war (war upgrade)

You can spend coins during update time (permanent upgrade)

Let the mouse over a button to get help

screenshot v1.0.0



-At the beginning, try to upgrade the attack speed
-image These types of enemies give coins
-With coins, you can upgrade permanently your tower
-Spend coins and money carefully

Do you like the gameplay ? Too easy, too hard ?

Enjoy !

Project link or embed?

Sorry, i'm too excited...

It should've been better, but the thumbnail is the link.

Oh, yeah. and that header...

Actually there's 2 links.

That's an excellent and polished project. :clap:
And hard!

Not a 2 minutes game!

a new release !

-adding speed buttons
-now, you can disable help on buttons
-now, you can reset the game