TouSnap #1 ~ Beloved Sunflower

This is my new Touhou fangame! I converted this with Snapinator, so expect to see more projects that are converted.

It's nicer to see projects constructed from the ground up in Snap! :slight_smile:

But using Snapinator to initially transpose Scratch projects is OK - if you then go onto enhance them using the extra facilities that Snap! offers :slight_smile:

The games were originally only in Scratch, but I decided to port it to Snap!.

That's great :slight_smile: - but only if your Snap! project does stuff that your Scratch project doesn't :slight_smile:

Otherwise - it's just a a Scratch project and not a Snap! project :slight_smile:

We all have accounts on Scratch and we can all see Scratch projects over there

This place is for Snap! projects using Snap! features :slight_smile:

Yes, that is one of the reasons that I did.

I mean Snap! has inabilities that Scratch has. So I made it in Scratch, then ported it into Snap!.