So the topic of the month is stars?does it stand for drawing stars(pentagram)?or astrophysics(i.e star fusion and gravity)?or some blocks that look like stars?


@bromagosa my entry Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

You don't need to tag anyone in the forum. Just add your project to the TOTM, it's a free-for-all collection :wink:

(I've done it for you this time.)

?(idk how to add to collection)

(i screenshotted this an hour ago so it did not contain my project,but i know that it does now)



Oh so its under the presentation page,not the collection page?lol
Anyways,im making a asteroid like space game and will add this too :slight_smile:

Successfully drew spaceship

@bromagosa How is my project?:slight_smile:Snap! Build Your Own Blocks
Also how did you draw this plane?
It took me a while to draw the 2 triangles on my spaceship

I miss ctx.translate :frowning:

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