TOTM Stars?

Can I submit some random things that has the word or image star in them or should i make a space related thing for the TOTM?
Cuz there was already a space totm some months before i think
BTW,I suggest november totm to be Clones,to encourage the use of clones,parents,etc and disencourage the coding style i have(scramble everything into one sprite and one script,with a gigantic event loop and a bunch of pen blocks,and no costumes or sprite feature exploiting at all,or maybe you can say that this is javascript style)(if it really was clones i would try my best to jump out of the javascript box and submit a project)

:~) Funny that you want us to discipline your style for you! But I suppose that it's a good suggestion. We'll try to reach a decision before November starts.

Haha lol
Im saying that cuz I think that some other people have that bad style too.Plus,some people do use clones and more sprites,but they do not know how to use attachment modes(i.e that alonzo arm example in the manual)(which can be considered a weak version of this bad style)


But this is still unanswered :~(
(enabled notifs so i dont dive into a crash cource series after post only to find out that someone instareplied)

Sure, knock yourself out.


It's an idiom meaning "go ahead, do what you want."

oh ok

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