TOTM Requests?

Bh said we can request totms. Any recommendations?
My request is space.


I made a banner lol

I love the rendition of the glass in the spacesuit! That's brilliant.

Hey, @joecooldoo I love the banner, but we had "space" as topic of the month just a few months ago.

Can we come up with something where we can still use it?
Maybe you could change the text to "Stars"? We didn't have that, yet.

Yes! To celebrate the Spacecraft vs Asteroid experiment and Artemis (POSSIBLE) launch.

Remember though; you don't have to use my images. I mostly make these cause I have nothing else to do.

Here it is:

idea: books
idea2: time
idea3: arcade

We already had a space TOTM already. James Webb Telescope.

bro read the whole topic before you post
we already corrected that

That looks amazing :slight_smile:

I make a lot of stuff like this

Some Branded Wallpapers

I wonder how many people will make projects about, you know, Madonna, or Tom Cruise. :~)

As far as I have looked, the collection doesn't have anything like that.

Those are sick! How? Your good at making that stuff.

(Now I want to do that.)

awesome, thanks :slight_smile:

also love the space suit!

and I really like books. I'll keep that in mind for November :wink:

Thank you!
I'll remember!

btw for anyone who wants Alonzo's spacesuit:
alonzo (space)
Here ya go.

my request is: Ocean

we did a ocean totm