TOTM Banner (+ tip)

I like the banner! Who made it?


I believe it owuld be cool if there was a #show-projects:TOTM category for sharing TOTM projects.

Essentially is the TOTM dots; even though it’s points?

I think we're always pretty flexible about what counts for a TOTM.

(Of course you could argue that everything on a computer screen or printed by a computer-controlled printer is dots...)

I assume you will not allow this because someone may add all of their projects. I mean any project that could be a pen generated project using dots that when rendering do not look like dots would still count, I needed to know of dots counted because I say pen “dots” are not points.

Well, technically, you can't show a point, in any medium, because it has zero extent! The point I was trying to make is that there's no benefit to be had in splitting hairs. We'll know a "points" project when we see one.

Personally I'm waiting for the puns, e.g., scoring points in a basketball game, or raising a point of order in a legislature, or pointing Alonzo out in a lineup... :~P

I’m gonna make a game of squares and add a single dot at the end:)

It won’t let me add a “hide details”

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