I know- probably I shouldn't make this topic, but
I wish everyone who use/make Snap! all the best.
Fulfillment of dream. Let's welcome the new year!


Happy New Year!



I'm an over dramatic guy

Happy new year, also sense we have this topic, lets all scream on here when it is new year in our time zone.

Welp, our new years countdown collab got abandoned :~|

You mean yours? I'm not in your collab.

I wish you a year of exploration, learning and amelioration. Happy snapping!

Happy New Year's!

10:27 PM here...

Then I'm two hours behind you.

Then I'm one hour ahead of you

And thus also one hour behind sir_kitten2.

Used to be only one behind, but EDT changed to EST.

Well it's 8:34 here. And I have no daylight savings.

May the new one be better than the last two.

New Years for me is 3 hours 39 minutes away from where I live!

11:23 PM here! Less than an hour!


9:23 P.M. :~/

Closest ahead in the race :~D