Topic of the Month suggestions

Hey, everyone! It's already December, and it's time for a new Topic of the Month!

Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

Hmm... all about winter! :slight_smile:

Nice suggestion. We try to choose topics that are relevant to the whole world, which technically should exclude seasons (since it's only winter in ~1/3rd of the world), but I guess winter, or cold, are innocent enough!

All in favor? :raised_hand:

They can be also Christmas holidays :slight_smile:

That happens in even less places on Earth :wink:

Holidays by itself might be a nice one.

But we must to look others parts of earth.

If anyone needs me to make a banner I will.

But holidays are universal?

I think we should go with just "holidays"

Yes. I agree.

Also consider religion issues but rather that's small insignificant element.
I think holidays also is a good idea to topic of the month.

It is obvious we should not base it around a religious holiday since that is non-inclusive... So holidays is the obvious choice.

Here is a banner I made:

Oooh, that's a really nice banner!


So holidays will be a topic of the month?

Done! Thanks everyone, and especially to @joecooldoo for the once again fantastic banner :slight_smile:

I love this banner! Except it took me a while to figure out that that's a turkey Alonzo is eating down in the lower left. I thought at first that he was eating another Alonzo!

(Technically, it's only Americans who celebrate Thanksgiving...)

I knew this, so I added Alonzo doing other things.