Topic of the Month: October - All about fish

Hey, everyone!

sorry we missed September and we're even a little late for October, but the Topic of the Month is back.
As wished by the community, we're looking for "all about fish" - add your fish related project to the topic of the month collection.

We can't wait to see what swims along.
:tropical_fish: :blowfish: :shark: :fish::tropical_fish: :blowfish: :shark: :fish::tropical_fish: :blowfish: :shark: :fish::tropical_fish: :blowfish:

this does not show up for me. I still see the Olympics one!

Try this link

I can see the collection but I can't see

Hey! That's my artwork! :smiley:

My Proposal

you can try hard-refreshing the website

sometimes these images are still stored in the browser cache.


how do I do that in safari?

in chrome it's ctrl+shift+r try that

Or shift-click the refresh icon.

no need it refreshed today!

Made a PYOP for this:

What do you think, @jadga?

Hey, forum friends!

Is someone willing to propose a new TOTM for November? :slight_smile:

After fish, it should be PUMPKIN to appease the vegetarians. After all it is November & Thanksgiving etc. :astonished:

Thank you, @tguneysu, although one rule that we have tried to follow with TOTMs so far is to stay away from western-only festivities :slight_smile:


Nice idea. I got a banner for it:

I think every TOTM should have its own theme script, with a text font that goes along with the theme. (And sometimes I make custom Alonzos. :slight_smile:)



You got it! :slight_smile:

Hey, my banner! :smiley: