Topic of the Month: November

Hi, Snappers! :wave:

Today, we're launching a new Topic of the Month initiative where's we'll encourage you to make projects around a particular topic and submit them to a shared collection that will be featured in the Snap! front page for the whole month.

The topic for this first TOTM is:

:point_right: FRIENDS :point_left:

To submit a project to the collection, just visit the project page and click on the Add to Collection button:


Then, select the Friends collection from the dropdown list and click on the Ok button:


Games, simulations, animations, music, art projects, greeting cards... we're looking forward to see what you'll make!

Happy snapping!


me will publish pjt

My Favorite Song But It's LOL

i already had a project that's better if you play it with a friend, i guess i was prepared

Uhhh...theres a problem or is this suppose to happen?

So I put a project in the collection, but a couple days later, it disappears and I can't see it in the collection.

we can all remove any project frm any studio now. im guessing some1 removed your project by accident

No, no. You can remove your own projects from any collection, but not someone else's. If you can remove somebody else's projects from a collection (that's not your own, that is), then I've made a serious mistake! :scream:

I'm monitoring this collection personally, and keeping only projects that have something to do with the "Friends" topic. It's been spammed a lot with people just adding random projects to it, so I may have removed a relevant project of yours by mistake. What was the project?

One thing I would suggest is to add a note in the project notes explaining how the project relates to the topic. I guess I'll include this suggestion in the next TOTM, coming tomorrow :slight_smile:

There's an option to delete every single project from this collection, and I'm not invited to or own it.

Does it work if you try to remove one?

(I'm hoping it's just a UI issue)


(sorry I threatened your collection, @equilibrium X( )

Okay, then it's just a UI issue. I'm accidentally showing these icons...

I'll fix it this morning. Thanks a lot for reporting it! :slight_smile:

Ok, no problem :)

This is... funny. I can't reproduce this on my non-admin account:

Is anyone else seeing this issue?


it only shows the X on my project.

it was fixed

b4 this morning i could delete any project in any studio (i didnt test it out)

I definitely didn't fix anything, so I'm guessing it may have been a cache issue...

This is strange....I'm the only one who's having this issue....

It's still happening, too...

it somehow happened again 2 me

Can you try hard-refreshing? Clearing cookies, cache, etc.

I cleared my cookies but it's still weird, you see, I don't see the option to delete the project thats a collection with only one project in it:

But they appear whenever I view a large collection: