Topic of the Month: July

TOTM July: Celebration|400
After a longer hiatus than we would have liked, we're back with a new Topic of the Month! Just in time for July, and just in time to celebrate that Snap!Con is just around the corner!

So, we invite you all to post your projects on the topic of celebration. Party poppers? Check! Balloon simulations? Check! Fireworks? Check! Festive music? Check! Dance animations? Check!

Add your project to the Celebrate collection by selecting it from the dropdown menu after clicking on the Add to collection button in the project page:


Let's celebrate together!

:partying_face: :dancer: :confetti_ball: :notes: :tada: :balloon::man_dancing:

Yay TOTM but what happened to latest projects?

keep scrolling :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh lol

does this count Snap! Build Your Own Blocks