Topic of the Month: January 2022 - Space

Hey, Snap!ers,

We wish you a happy new year and want to start it with a new topic of the month.

Thanks to the recent launch of the new James Webb Space Telescope we decided that it's time to show all our space projects. If you have any space themed project - games, science, art,... feel free to publish it and add it to the Topic of the Month collection.

We're looking forward to your projects :rocket::comet::telescope::dizzy::alien:

epic cool

I would recognize the font in the banner anywhere. Isn't that the font they use on Star Trek?

Probably a font of many old space movies.

I'm making a game called "Colonize Mars" that is basically a Colonizing simulator.

If you've ever heard of a game called the "Kittens Game" then you'd probably know what this game will be like.

EDIT: Here is the Kittens Game: Kittens Game - a Dark Souls of incremental gaming

Darn, i play this game since I read your post!

It's a cool game concept.

I can't wait to try your game!

how do I add projects the topic of the month collection?

In your project page you have a button Add to collection and there
choose a collection Space

There's some great projects in this collection :slight_smile:

A lot in a little time :upside_down_face:

I added my projects to the mix. Astro Defender, my CQC tech demo, and AA Dogfight.