Topic of the Month: December

Hi, Snappers!

December is here, and so it's time for a new Topic of the Month!

This time it's all about the two new kids on the block in the pen category: untitled script pic and untitled script pic(1).

You can read more about untitled script pic in this blog post by Jens.

Similarly, the untitled script pic(1) block cuts an outline of the current sprite out of another one, so you can punch holes into things!

As always, you'll find the Cut and paste collection in your list of available collections.

We can't wait to see your creations! :alonzo:

I love the paste block! It lets me make designs on things easily :)

Cool to see two nice projects in the collection this early on!

Is this like the SDS in Scratch?

Since I feel somewhat responsible for the introduction of the CUT FROM block, I couldn't miss this Topic of the Month :slight_smile:

Here is my CUT FROM demo project: Scratch & Win Lottery!

Alonzo will explain the rules. Scratch off (with mouse) and try to win as much as possible. And to develop a right strategy!

NB: CUT FROM is used here not only to emulate "scratching off" effect itself, but also to check which pics are revealed.

What a neat game. I love the idea to rub off the stamps, this is really, really, nice!

Thank you @jens. It was important for me to create something nice with this new function.

Yes, rubbing off the stars is a great effect. Fun project, except I keep losing...

I'm late to the party...
But there is a demo of the cut blocks to show an optical illusion.
Can be used to make a printout for "unplugged" demonstration.

Cool! Especially that the actual making of the merged picture is done in Snap! itself, not just the moving the curtain over it.

Nice one! I've added it to the Cut&Paste collection manually :slight_smile: