Topic of the Month, August: Snap! Olympics

The Snap! Olympics

The topic name says it all, doesn't it? Let me just drop a bunch of emojis here:

:ping_pong: :martial_arts_uniform: :ice_skate: :curling_stone: :dart: :canoe: :biking_woman: :weight_lifting_woman: :surfing_woman: :swimming_man: :basketball_woman: :person_fencing: :woman_climbing: :running_man: :man_playing_handball: :woman_playing_water_polo: :women_wrestling: :tennis:

And here's the link to the collection: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Can't wait to see your projects! :slight_smile:

There were no projects in it until a few moments ago. Try clicking on it now.

Oops! Fixed :slight_smile:

You left out my favorite sport. :tennis: :wink:

Fixed too :wink: