Topic name bug

when a topic name is long and youre viewing it in a catagory, this happens

look in faq catagory for example

I'm pretty sure I know what is happening (this is an educated guess). I'm guessing the snap dark theme has some css to set the text background color. The solution would just to be remove the background on the text.

Also, this has been reported before...



See how the text is now multiple lines? Removing the background color for .topic-list and a.title fixed the problem.

@jens needs to see this

jens doesn't manage the forum, it's another snap team member (idk who)

Yeah, I think it's an issue with the forum engine, and I don't know if it can be custom modded.

Since the snap team made the dark theme, I'm assuming it is possible to fix this. Plus, I'm pretty sure it's possible to edit the forum software, seeing as how it is indeed open source, and heavily customizable.

That would be Michael (@cycomachead).

I don't have the time to dig into this (trying to update the forum software the other night unexpectedly took 2 hours :/) but I made the suggested CSS fix.

The dark theme is kind of a years-old hack now. Maybe there's a nice default theme today...

see there is a lock on the topic ,so I think you can't assess the can't assess the topic name or the catagory is private. it works on computer, maybe there was a glitch on your account that made it so you cant assess the catagoryltry on another computer.

oh, is that why it was infinitley showing the loading screen and the notifications tab looks different?