Topic for General Snap?

It might be a cool feature to have for the forums, I don't see why it wouldn't, there might be some topics that don't fit in the rest of the other sections.

No, please. Advanced Topics is for advanced topics.

I guess we were thinking that Help + Bug Reports + Share Projects + Feature Requests + Community Requests covered everything. I'm afraid that a Misc category would grow so quickly that it'd be hard to find anything in it. But I'm willing to be convinced, if you have examples of non-"Hello" types of posts that don't fit anywhere else.

there was a hidden message in the "random" caps: HELP ITEI

What's Itei?

I read "HELP PISTE". Well, whatever ... if @insert_user_name has something to say, _'d better be clear.


I read "I HELP PISTEI". Probably they helped a person named "Pistei". But that's not common.

Who or what is "Pistei"?

I haven't heard that anywhere.

I looked it up, and I got Greek stuff.

Okay, I was trying some random "ooh creepy arg" thing.

I lose motivation for most things the day right after.

Still a serious question though.

Wasn't that a thing in 2020 until the incident?

Sorry, that's too recent for me to remember. I could tell you all about incidents in 1970...

You don't remember snapcon 2020? When you had to shut down the forum for a couple days?

Oh, now that you mention it, I guess there was a time when we shut down the forum, but I don't remember why, or any other details. Sorry...

what was that? covid?

... I don't think so. Then again, I wasn't on Snap! in 2020, so I have no clue.

Well, the forums was shut down, because a ton of former scratch users started coming to snap to compare scratch to snap, as well as a lot of other things. It was a mess, and you had to shut down the forum to spend a while cleaning things up, and also deleted the #miscellaneous category (ok, it wasn't just you, I think the whole snap team helped, but I'm pretty sure you were a big part of the cleanup). I think there may still be some announcement posts from that time.

It was the incident