Top-down Optimization

Recently I've been making a top-down scrolling tower defense game. It lags a lot, I even gave it to my friend and he said he got 8 fps average. I don't know what exactly the issue is for the title scene because it just lags a ton, probably because I'm making a lot of clones or constantly checking if the mouse position is inside buttons and lerping. For the main scene scrolling it just isn't that fast. Maybe it's too complicated and sets the position too much? I'm just not sure if I have to change how everything is done or not.

Heres the project: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

i would look into it but i don't see any lag. did you already make changes?

I was running it on my school chromebook, I'm not sure about my friend but he might have a just as bad computer.

So its might just be my computer, I don't know I thought it was a problem with the project.

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