Top down Engine

I have been experimenting with top down projects in Scratch.. (upcoming big project) and wanted to see one in Snap. It turns out, it is WAY easier to make them in Snap due to the xy boundaries and size boundaries.

Do not use in fullscreen!: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Updated for smoother movement and arrow keys compatible. +Better glitch prevention on the map vs player.

My rage-educed dumb-self thought it would be a 3D top-down engine. Its still cool though


You mean 2.5d, top down can’t be pure 3D. Is it good?

And yes its good :)

3D means it’s fully 3D, a Top down can reach 2.5d because the point of top down can’t be pure 3D with the character and map itself.

I have also been 3 day banned on scratch for protecting a friend who was getting teased by someone who thought they made amazing projects… I roasted the dude a lot. A lot.

Um okay good for you ig.

Ok thanks for info

I generally consider 2.5D to be 3D graphics with 2D gameplay. (You could also have it be 2D graphics with 3D gameplay, which I might use, say, 2.-5D (two point negative five D) for.)

Top-down is just a way to describe how the camera is positioned, so top-down games can be pure 3D, for example the Frogger PS1 games. I believe it is also 3D in gameplay as you can move on platforms above or below the character.

Right arrow and down arrow are swapped.

Oh and just have IFs in sequence, rather than in the previous one's ELSE. That way, you can go diagonally.

You should probably also have it be less blurry, maybe by using the pen.

Edit: Here's my remix fixing the first two and partially fixing the third. I also made a SCALE variable.

3D top down games isn’t really top down I’d say, because top down is Birdseye view of the game.

what if the camera is pointed down in a 3d space? like,

also, nice. i would try to make it so that if youre moving diagonally you would slide against the walls. so if the player was holding up and left they would go

← O ← O

instead of


It’s still not full because you can’t see the other side of the wall as 3D.

if you move around the perspective shifts so that if you're to the right of a wall, you'll see the left side of it and if you move to the left of it youll see the right

the camera direction locked and it's movement is restricted to 2 dimensions but the game can still be in 3d.

it's like if you taped a camera to the bottom of an rc car and drove it around on the glass roof of a shopping mall, you'd only be able to see top down looking through the camera but that doesn't make the rest of the world lose a dimension.

I don’t understand your explanation of how top down can’t be 3D at all. It’s all a bunch of non sequiturs to me.

My remix:

does exactly that.

Ok. I guess it can.

This is pretty cool. Would be good for a zelda style fight.