Too fond of cloud variables
based on cloud_variable
Well you can't test it on one page cuz it would get 0 ms and 100% correct even with no internet at all(then it would just be some kind of local var setting and getting)
remember it only works on the same program and different pages(it does not care about usernames and jens would yell at it if it does)

Currently the best one if you do not to violate a TOS or decode anything
So this is the best for making a slitherio game,but the second best for making everything else(a snaky game would require memory on every food pellet and snake body length,likely larger than 10000 of turbowarp,but this set does not have a limit)
Next ill make a game with movement and chatting(not yet,will do) :slight_smile:

"Fantastic"!I just lagged the backend down!
There is a reason for that setinterval 500 instead of 50...
Also I found out that im not the first one to do it




Works here