Toggling true/false in result bubble is possible

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Do the following code to set a variable to a boolean:
    untitled script pic (37)

  2. Click the variable reporter named "a":
    untitled script pic (38)

  3. Click the $$\green{true}$$ button.

  4. Notice how it changes to $$\red{false}$$, but the variable doesn't actually change.

I guess that it shouldn't be possible to toggle true/false in result bubbles so the bug could be fixed.

Pretty sure this isn't a bug, it's a misfeature, although I'm not entirely sure how useful it is since you can't toggle booleans in variable and list watchers (which would make sense).

Yeah, I agree that it doesn't make much sense to toggle a speech balloon. (It's definitely not intended to change the variable value, since speech balloons don't necessarily represent variables!) Doesn't seem like a high priority though.

This isn't a bug? This has been in Snap since forever, what's the issue?

The only issue is that the toggling in the speech balloon might appear to the user as if it were promising to change some actual program data, especially if (as in the OP) the speech balloon came from an orange variable oval. Not a bug, just awkward.

I honestly thought it was funny when I first discovered it. Showed it to @oofpaste249 and he thought it was funny too