Toggle for anti-aliasing

This has been probably been asked many times, but there should be a toggle to turn on and off anti aliasing
(Old draft I just found)

It has been asked before.

Why do you want it? Is it that you have an application in which non-anti-aliased would look better, or is it that the anti-aliasing messes up FILL, or some other reason?

I don't know for @mr_owlssssnap2, but I would love it for pixel art applications.

Mainly for making very pixilated games, such as Super Mario, or other pixel games.
Also, @bluebaritone21 does have a good point

Also, I forget why I wrote this post because this was a draft I found and had to get rid of

Okay, thank you both. So you really want it to look pixellated, not just behave that way when examined by a program.

I'd like that too, but Don't Hold Your Breathâ„¢.

uh, i think so?