Time for a new banner

if anyone wants to make me a custom banner, ill put it on my snap homepage for the whole month. @mr_owlssssnap2 did one the last time,

which is what i have currently but im opening up the spot for anyone who wants to put themselves out there

blank template

Wait, are you one of the mods for the Snap! main page?

no, he's just going to make a userscript to add the banner.



Fireflies/Lightning Bugs
Bananas (& other fruits)

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Sorry for putting that there, I have been making a Scratch tutorial slide show in which I used a Scratch Blocks extension, I am testing if that extension uses the same syntax as the forum Scratch blocks, which I have never used. I might as well put it on this post because it is on a less serious topic. - [scratchblocks](earth :: error) [/scratchblocks]


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We're working on it. Soon. Truly.

New banner is live! Thank you to Jadga for a great floral arrangement!

are those images? I can't tell I'm in mobile, if so they might be the only submissions... I'll give it till the end of the day but we may have a winner

Click the edit button to check it.

how did you make it like that? ,be with an edit button I mean

click on the three dots by the reply button (on your post), then click the wrench. After that, you click Make wiki.

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